Of Brots, bells, and braille

In this episode Chris, Kim and Lisa talk about some things from Speak to me catalog.  The first is a hot dog steamer that barks when the hot dogs are done.  The second is a coffee cup that makes bird sounds.  Both can be found in the Kitchen category at speaktomecatalog.com.

They next talk about the importance of podcast show notes and that links to products services etc. mentioned can be located from within the notes for the specific episode.

They talk about the upcoming web site redesign that will be happening for mysticaccess.com.


Lisa tells us the reason for why she came up with the episode title.  There is a reason for Bells, listen and find out.

Finally they announce the ability of the VarioUltra Braille display class that will begin in January of 2017.  Stay tuned for more details.


Update on Samsung TV tutorial and Seasons Greetings from Mystic Access

In this episode Chris gives us an update on the Samsung UN32J550AFXZA TV tutorial.

Then Chris, Kim and Lisa discuss upcoming Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales.


They finish out the podcast by talking about what they are grateful for this year, listen and see.


They also insert the November 14 Stocking Stuffers presentation they gave for TekTalk to showcase some of the products offered by Mystic Access.


Tactile overlays for your home appliances

Chris Kim and Lisa speak with Anne DeWitte of Tangible Surface Research.  She tells us about her tactile icons and overlays for your home appliances.

We also had a discussion about other ways to utilize her products.  Click here to browse her Etsy shop.


Google Home and Alexa get introduced, as well as Lisa’s Apple Watch Tutorial

In this episode Chris Kim and Lisa introduce Google home and Alexa to one another. Will they be friends? Frenemies? Listen to find out.
Speaking of introductions, Lisa introduces us to her brilliant Apple Watch tutorial. There is even a sample at the end.

Demonstrating the All New Echo Dot Fire stick and a heater

This podcast episode is sponsored by Audible.com click here for a free trial. Also by BlindAlive.

In this episode Chris and Kim demonstrate the new Echo Dot and Fire stick. Then Kim shows us how to operate her ceramic heater by Lasko.

Tek Talk presentation discussing new and upcoming Mystic Access products

In this podcast, Chris Kim and Lisa talk about new and upcoming products from Mystic Access. They even announce the new lowered price of the Victor Stream tutorial.

Visit the Tek Talk archives by clicking here.

Demonstrating the Solar powered Atomic Talking Watch

In this episode, Chris discusses his atomic talking solar watch and

demonstrates setting an alarm.  Kim hints at some upcoming projects and announces our upcoming Tek Talk appearance on October 17,  2016. There is a brief discussion of the new generation Amazon Dot, which is coming out in the U.S. on October 20. Our friends in the UK can also now

order Alexa products, and if you’re in Germany and want one of these

cool devices, you’ll be able to get one within the next couple of weeks.


We hope you enjoy this episode.  If you like what we do, we always

appreciate your donations in any amount.  They help a lot. Thanks for



Demonstrating the Roybens Musical Doorbell Chime and Echo Household Profile Thoughts

This podcast episode is sponsored by Blind Alive.


In this episode  Chris and Kim share the new ear phones they are using to record podcasts.  They are the Sades SA903S 7.1 Surround Sound USB PC Stereo Gaming Headset with Microphone LED Light (Blackblue).

Next they demonstrate the Roybens Wireless Doorbell Door Chime [1000 Feet][52 Chimes][4-Level Volume][LED Indicators][IP44 Waterproof Transmitter][1 Button, 1 Receiver] -White and go through all 52 chimes.

They update us on the Apple TV audio tutorial as well as miscellaneous announcements.



Exploring some Executive Products cases and some quick Windows tips

This podcast episode is sponsored by Blind Alive.

In this episode Chris and Kim discuss some cases they have from Executive Products Inc.  The cases are for The Book Sense, Victor Reader Stream New Generation, BrailleNote touch, Braille Sense Onhand and finally the Trekker Breeze.

Chris and Kim share some quick tips for navigating Windows, such as Windows-Tab, Windows-T and Windows-B.


They also remind us on phone etiquette when calling businesses.  Sometimes it is helpful to leave your email address as well as your number and a message for example.



Demonstrating Accessibility of the SkyBell video doorbell and the Sling TV service on the Apple TV

This episode of the Mystic Access podcast is brought to you by Blind Alive.

We have two demonstrations for you today.  First Chris talks about the SkyBell video doorbell and why you might want one.    He walks us through the app on his iPad to show how it works with VoiceOver.

Kim takes us through the Sling TV app on the fourth generation Apple TV and shows us the progress in accessibility.  She notes it isn’t perfect but is usable.

She also  asks a question at the end of the Sling presentation.  She wants to know if people would be interested in an audio tutorial for the Apple TV.