Charging Your Keys

In this episode Chris and Kim announce the annual black Friday Open House. You can register at htttps:// They then give updates on black Friday sales as well as the BlindShell audio tutorial. Kim takes a trip into the Mystic Access Magic Castle where she speaks with Kesel Wilson from National Braille Press about this … Read more

Cherry Candy

In this episode Chris and Kim discuss what they did when they were recently sick to get medication delivered. They also discuss the features of the new Echo dot 5 and Echo Studio.

Watching Airplanes

In this episode Chris and Kim talk about some website changes. Reward points are back as well as a new notification sound to let customers know a notificatiion/announcement is on the screen. Next they talk about the inaccessibility of the ring app and demonstrate the Google Home app quickly with a Nest router. Chris demonstrates … Read more

Let’s Talk About Sunsets

There’s lots of timely info in today’s episode, plus an exciting interview in the magic castle. First, though some announcements. First, due to major time constraints and a desire to always provide you the highest quality teaching materials, we’re unfortunately not having a free event during September. We’re already planning the final two free events … Read more

That Crow Has Flown the coop

In this episode Chris and Kim discuss lessons learned about cell phones and share their experiences while roaming. Next they talk about GPS while not following any roads as well as other miscellaneous stuff. For best listening, use headphones.

Off To Pack

In this episode Chris and Kim discuss why they had to track their own flight to NC. We also discuss StarPlayrX an accessible app to stream satellite radio. We Demo accessibility of the Philo app on iOS. Sorry Android users, it isn’t accessible. Please know because of our vacation we didn’t seperate this episode into … Read more