One Way Ticket

In this episode Chris and Kim have a conversation with Kesel Wilson, National Braille Press’s editorial director, about the publisher’s summer picks. Whether you want to increase your skills with technology, snuggle up with your kids to read a fun book, or find a helpful cheat sheet for learning more about nutrition, there’s something here … Read more

Your tapping On Your Temple

In this episode we start by discussing our free event for June. We first want to apologize for taking this long to announce our free June event, but we were waiting for a package in the mail! This month, we’re discussing and demoing the Envision glasses and companion app, which is available for iOS and … Read more

Mobilize Without Compromise

In this episode Chris and Kim start out with announcements. Next we discuss and demonstrate a service that assists in keeping your inbox sane. It is called SaneBox. It uses AI to sort your emails into different folders. If you’d like to sign up, please use this link. In a recent podcast Chris and Kim … Read more

Like DAISY for Podcasts

In this podcast we welcome the arrival of podcast chapters. This will allow players that support them the ability to skip around, like a DAISY book. Next we discuss our latest paid product Delicious Eats and More, Direct to Your Door This product discusses food delivery services. Chris and Kim than announce May’s class about … Read more

Don’t Let Go

We start by discussing our LyriQ event that was held on the 28th. It was so popular we decided to hold it again on May 5, 2022. For more information activate this link to register. Chris next discusses and demonstrates features of the WeWALK cane. Kim discusses her new cane she purchased from Ambutech. Here … Read more

People Tick Away

today’s episode focuses on comparisons. More on that in a moment. First, we share that our April free monthly event will be a public event, and will concentrate on the LyriQ reading device. Our recent podcast unboxing generated a lot of interest in this little device, so we wanted to delve deeper. The event will … Read more

Please Place Your Document

In this episode Chris and Kim discuss their new Ring Alarm Pro system. They discuss the benefits of the second generation wireless keypad for the alarm system. Finally, they unbox the LyriQ Assistive Reader and orient you to the device and demonstrate how it works. Note that we receive a small affiliate commission if you … Read more

From New York To California

In this episode Chris and Kim announce March’s free virtual event. It is all about travel, particularly regarding things they discovered on their recent cross-country trip to the CSUN conference. Next, they discuss some of the products they saw while attending the CSUN conference last week. These include the new Actilino 3.0 notetaker, Hable One … Read more