Roy G Biv

We have multiple new goodies to share about in today’s episode. In addition to the cool new medical products we’re selling in collaboration with GuideLights and Gadgets, we have three fun new hardware products for the holidays, any or all of which would make excellent stocking stuffers for yourself or someone you love. They include high-quality nylon braided mini USB cables sold as a pack of two, a package of seven magnetic silicon cable ties, and a sturdy metal desk caddy that would be perfect in any room of the house. Activate this link to learn more about each of these products, our Black Friday sales which are now in progress, and our upcoming day-after-Thanksgiving open house.

We’re grateful for you, and we thank you for listening and being part of our community.

The Gremlins Are Out

this episode features our colleague Barry Scheur of GuideLights and Gadgets to discuss the newest collaboration between our companies. We’re now offering three medical grade talking products including a non-contact thermometer, blood pressure monitor, and oximeter. Each is accurate, afordable, and includes brief but thorough documentation You’ll hear both the oximeter and thermometer demonstrated in this episode. Activate this link to learn more about each product. You get a discount if you purchase more than one in your order.

Thanks, as always, for listening.

Immersed In The Game

In this episode Chris and Kim first announce the event for October 28 on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

Next we talk about Chris’s position working with BlindShell.

We than have a discussion on different ways to make your workspace a better place to work.

Finally we discuss an issue we had with Shipt and a Doordash ddelivery.


The Mystic Access Magic Closet

We begin with a reminder about some upcoming events. On Thursday, September 30, Lisa Salinger joins us for a discussion of the new changes and updates in iOS 15. This is our monthly free event, and is open to everyone. Just make sure you’re on our Events mailing list to get the joining info.

Beginning October 4 learn about the various ways to listen to and enjoy podcasts. This four-week class includes a live Q&A session, as well as a mailing list for interacting with other participants.

Finally, learn to create your own podcast later in October in our detailed live event. We discuss everything from coming up with your podcast topic, to hosting, recording, interviewing guests, and so much more. We’d love to have you.

Kim’s parents and some friends were recently here to bring a trailer of her stuff from NC, and that led to us cleaning out a bunch of space. Between that and unpacking lots of Kim’s stuff, we unearthed a few treasures we wanted to share with you. These include the Bop It Action game with three classic moves and ten fun new ones, including cradle it, golf it and answer it. We also found a talking pedometer, an APH Color tester (what an amazing find), and a really cool Cobolt talking clock, all of which we demo here. We also found a Fingerlings giraffe, a neat little interactive toy, and a Bluetooth speaker from Music Angel, which sadly appears to be unavailable now. We hope you enjoy our explorations.

We also take a little detour part way through to talk about our trip to Niagara Falls, and share some nice audio Chris recorded of the water.

Thanks, as always, for listening.

We Couldn’t Even Find Our Kitchen

We’re so excited to share about two bran new events happening in October. If you’d like to learn various ways to discover, subscribe to, and listen to podcasts on a variety of platforms and through multiple methods, we’re offering a four-week event packed with demos and helpful info. Are you frustrated trying to manually put a podcast feed on your specialized player? Are you wondering what a feed even is? Do you want to know what exactly to say to your voice assistant to bring up a podcast? Curious about players for Android? We’ll cover these subjects and so much more, plus have a full week for questions at the end of the event. Read all the details and register here for only $34.

If your dream is to create your own podcast, we have a six-week event coming up on that topic beginning in mid October. From planning your podcast, to discovering how to host it, to marketing it and inviting guests to interview, you’ll learn all that and more. Plus there’s a full week at the end dedicated to your questions. Between us we have decades of experience hosting successful podcasts, and we’re thrilled to share with you. Activate this link to learn more and register your seat for $69.

Thinking you may wish to join both events? You’ll save $10 if you register for both at the same time, or if you buy the listening to podcasts event and then return to purchase the podcast creation event.

One cool thing about these events is that both have associated mailing lists, so we can begin getting to know each other prior to the event start date, and you can really customize the structure and topics covered. In other words, you can really make these events your own.

Our main topic this time is the importance of knowing your local surroundings. When Kim moved to Buffalo, she began exploring the area online, and found a delicious meal delivery service, Eat Rite Foods, that we discuss briefly. But primarily, we talk about why it’s so important to know your area, especially when traveling. This is even important when using a GPS app such as BlindSquare. We share some stories about helpful features found in GPS apps, and also when they aren’t really so helpful. We hope you enjoy this interesting discussion.

As always, thanks for listening!

A Little Bit Clippy

we have a special intro to open this week’s episode which we hope you’ll enjoy. We then jump into a reminder about this week’s upcoming event on entertainment and cleaning options for the smart home. If you’re ready to make your home smarter, more convenient, or more fun, you may enjoy attending the event at 8:30 PM ET on August 26, or downloading it afterwards when it’s available. All joining info will be mailed to our free Events list a couple days prior. Join the Events list from any page of the Mystic Access site, or when placing an order.

On our return to NY, we visited a person who is currently hospitalized. We share a bit about our experience, what we encountered on arrival, and some rules you may need to follow when visiting a loved one yourself.

We also had an interesting experience when going through security on our homeward journey. And no, it didn’t involve one of Chris’s cool electronics. Listen to find out more.

Finally, for those desiring to learn more about the new BlindShell cell phone, we have a demo, comparison with the original BlindShell Classic, and some info on the new phone’s upcoming release. We hope you find it helpful.

As always, thanks for listening.

Better Than Black Friday

We have exciting news to begin this episode. We’re celebrating our upcoming wedding with the biggest discount on audio documentation we ever plan to offer. On Wednesday, August 11 only, we’re giving you a crazy forty percent discount on all digital documentation. If you’re new to us and want to try out a particular Mystic Access product for yourself, or you’ve been waiting to buy that one thing you can’t wait to learn, this is your chance! The discount will be applied automatically online, or give us a call at (716) 543, 3323, extension 1, and Lisa, who’s filling in for us on phones until our return, will take good care of you.

And speaking of our return, we begin business as usual again on Monday, August 23.

Today we share some fun changes to Alexa, including the new Ziggy wake word, the fantastic new male voice, and a few skills we’ve recently discovered, including Color Guide, Can I Stream, and others.

Kim also demos the Tastemade app, available for iOS, Android, Roku, and several other platforms. Free recipes and cooking shows were something Kim thought others may really enjoy, too!

Thanks as always for listening, and when we return for our next episode, we’ll be an old married couple. LOL

Stadium Girl

We begin today’s episode by discussing our upcoming July event. Because there’s so much to say, and we haven’t talked about this topic in so long, this will be part one of a two-part event. Part two will occur in August. we’re discussing the smart home; namely security, comfort and cooking in your home, and the appliances that can improve those areas or make them more convenient. Topics will include how to use, configure and otherwise enjoy relevant apps and hardware. To receive joining details for this event on July 29, make sure you’re on our Events mailing list, which you can subscribe to on any page of MysticAccess.com.

Next, we update you on the Apple Watch bug we discussed previously, where the watch doesn’t speak after powering on the watch. Fortunately there is an easy solution, though it may annoy you, as it does us.

Finally, Kim demos the Mr. Dj PXBAT8 8 Inch 500 Watt Max Power Speaker. We tell the story of why we got it, discuss the pros and cons, and put this powerhouse through its paces. Did we mention there’s a cool free app to control it, available for both iOS and Android? We hope you enjoy this super fun demo.

As always, thanks for listening!

Suck Up An SD Card

In this episode we announce July’s free event.
We than discuss the Wyze Robot Vacuum with LIDAR Mapping Technology. Chris gives his impressions and Chris and kim compare it to other vacuums.

Next Chris describes the LC-dolida Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Sleep Mask and Kim gives her thoughts on Chris’s mask and the one Kim uses.

Here is the link to the podcast where Kim demonstrates her sleep mask.
We hope you enjoy the podcast!